Our services


We offer a multi-disciplinary engineering approach to provide a wide range of project management, management advisory, and project coordination services. Whether you require assistance in scheduling, supplying construction equipment or sourcing sub contractors and specialty firms, we will connect you with the most suited companies for the job!



From experienced gained on numerous projects we are able to isolate and solve potential challenges and avert many construction risks. Our construction management services ensure that all of our client’s concerns are addressed whilst still maintaining a high level of quality safely built within your budget.



Viridis EC offers project management services for hazardous material removal. Once the building material is analyzed and – if found to be positive for asbestos, lead or mold – we offer consultation on how to deal with the material. If it is determined that the material should be removed, we have the capability of managing the removal process by performing air monitoring, onsite observation and documentation while the removal is taking place. Once removal is complete, we provide immediate on-site air clearance sampling using phase contrast microscopy.